Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let Fall begin! The end of Summer Vacation...

Last day of Summer, snuggling in front of tv.

Pool a few weeks ago, they made their own picnic in the shade. Took several tries to get a double smile.

Team pictures, Abby is top 2nd from right and Reese is on right next to the coach. It was sweltering hot at 3 in the afternoon.

Decided to try out canning. My mother in law has a garden and a bountiful supply of peppers so I made pepper jelly. I boiled the pot over and made a sticky mess but it tastes good! I am taking some to camp this weekend to make an appetizer with. I made some more yesterday and added red coloring. Hopefully I will get to make a few more batches before the harvest runs dry. These would make great gifts and they are pretty yummy! Kane and I love spicy stuff.

I made these two weeks ago for Reese's class, they are floor pillows. I hope they get used! post signature

Monday, August 22, 2011

An Almost Sleepover!

Happy Birthday Reese! Her birthday is not officially until tomorrow but we had a few friends over this weekend to celebrate with us in our pajamas!!! Check out this great cake that her aunt made. If you can believe it, it tastes way better than it looks! She is a great baker. :)

Snuggle time, popcorn and a movie! It was lots of fun.

Notice we did girlie appears Reese started a trend of placing them on the shin.

Dress up! It was a yummy, girlie, snuggly good time!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Day of School

It's finally here! The first day of school. The morning went relatively well...for Abby. ;) Reese was happy until she saw the shoes we had picked out TOGETHER yesterday. They are not the ones she is wearing in this picture, she insisted that these matched her toe nails better. I gave in to try to avoid tears on the first day of didn't work. Reese has never liked getting ready, especially brushing her teeth. Oh, well. The rest of the morning was great!

Here is Reese making her name out of play dough, she tried to get me to do it for her. That's my Reese! She wouldn't look up and smile, in fact my other picture of this activity is of her back. This one I got by surprise.

Here is Abby's morning activity. She clung to my arm until she saw there was paper and glue involved. Praise God for that. I think I am most nervous for her this year she is so shy. I am more concerned for Reese's teacher than for Reese! Ha ha, she is trouble with a capital T! Perhaps I should have mentioned that she was sent to the director's office on the first day of school last year...for hitting her teacher. Oh well, I guess she will figure that out! :)

A brief smile of the morning.

Her cute teacher, maybe it will go well after all...I hope!

This is Abby's sweet teacher on meet the teacher the other night. She called Abby last night to say hello and good luck. Abby was thrilled to get a phone call for herself!

I already got emails from the school with pictures of the classes and a note saying all is well...I love their school!

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Sunday, August 14, 2011


We attended cheer leading camp again this Summer for Pinewood's Pee Wee Cheer leading team. This year Reese can do it too! Hooray! They had a great time and got new uniforms and sparkly pom poms which, of course, they love!

I video taped their end of camp performance so we can practice the dance they will perform in the pre-game show at home games. The first one is September 2nd! Can't wait!!!

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Recent sewing...none of it is mine! :(

These are what I like to call "party pants," and they will be for halloween with a cute t shirt.

Custom smocking job, I graphed this off of a ready to wear top. She turned out bigger, I think people in the philipines must smock very tight. That's where most ready to wear is smocked. I may reduce the stitch count eventually. Luckily this top is a size seven and it was proportional.

Sarah's Skort, love this pattern...and so do my girls!

I made this for Project First Day, which organized seamstresses to make first day of school outfits for the children of Joplin where the tornados hit recently. I liked this a lot, and may have to make another one for Reese. She liked it too. This is the Children's Corner "Kinsey" with "Lettie" sleeves. I made this at camp last year in an olive green fabric and it is still Reese's favorite dress. My smocking guild got together and made almost 50 outfits to send. It was very fun and so exciting to see what everyone came up with from their stashes. I had this green gingham for probably 4 years at least...wish I had though of this before! ;)

Made this for a dear friend's daughter who just turned four. This is also from my stash. I bought the polka dot fabric for camp last year and only used it for an applique. It was the perfect size.

SPEAKING OF CAMP!!!! We leave in two weeks! I have got to get planning and cutting. I actually plan to dig into some planning and designing this afternoon since my waterpark plans got rained out. Also, I just found out that Hancock Fabrics has a half off sale tomorrow so I've got to get my list together for thread, buttons and ric rac! Yea!

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