Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Day of School

It's finally here! The first day of school. The morning went relatively well...for Abby. ;) Reese was happy until she saw the shoes we had picked out TOGETHER yesterday. They are not the ones she is wearing in this picture, she insisted that these matched her toe nails better. I gave in to try to avoid tears on the first day of didn't work. Reese has never liked getting ready, especially brushing her teeth. Oh, well. The rest of the morning was great!

Here is Reese making her name out of play dough, she tried to get me to do it for her. That's my Reese! She wouldn't look up and smile, in fact my other picture of this activity is of her back. This one I got by surprise.

Here is Abby's morning activity. She clung to my arm until she saw there was paper and glue involved. Praise God for that. I think I am most nervous for her this year she is so shy. I am more concerned for Reese's teacher than for Reese! Ha ha, she is trouble with a capital T! Perhaps I should have mentioned that she was sent to the director's office on the first day of school last year...for hitting her teacher. Oh well, I guess she will figure that out! :)

A brief smile of the morning.

Her cute teacher, maybe it will go well after all...I hope!

This is Abby's sweet teacher on meet the teacher the other night. She called Abby last night to say hello and good luck. Abby was thrilled to get a phone call for herself!

I already got emails from the school with pictures of the classes and a note saying all is well...I love their school!

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Susie said...

I laughed OUT LOUD at this post. I love your girls and know they will do GREAT this year :)


Mari said...

Glad the first day went well - it's a start to a great year!

Cheri said...

We've got 2 weeks yet before school starts- but I can't believe we're almost there. Went way too fast! Such a cute pic of you and Reese!