Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let Fall begin! The end of Summer Vacation...

Last day of Summer, snuggling in front of tv.

Pool a few weeks ago, they made their own picnic in the shade. Took several tries to get a double smile.

Team pictures, Abby is top 2nd from right and Reese is on right next to the coach. It was sweltering hot at 3 in the afternoon.

Decided to try out canning. My mother in law has a garden and a bountiful supply of peppers so I made pepper jelly. I boiled the pot over and made a sticky mess but it tastes good! I am taking some to camp this weekend to make an appetizer with. I made some more yesterday and added red coloring. Hopefully I will get to make a few more batches before the harvest runs dry. These would make great gifts and they are pretty yummy! Kane and I love spicy stuff.

I made these two weeks ago for Reese's class, they are floor pillows. I hope they get used! post signature


Terri said...

I love pepper jam too. What do you use it for? It is sticky but so delicious!

Bridget said...

I just had so much fun going through about 1/2 of your blog. Your girls look to be similar in age to mine. It seems like a lot of my sewing friends have stopped sewing as their kids got older, so I am always on the lookout for inspiration. Nice to "meet" you!