Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Here is another "Katie's Skirt," I made it this week. I just love this skirt! I am teaching a construction class on it next week! This is a school spirit ensemble.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Can she really be SEVEN?!!!

I mean, seriously? How can she really be SEVEN?! This one hit me. I usually am not too emotional for a mom... but seven seems so much older than six! She had a great birthday this year, even at school her teacher had tons of things planned to make her feel special. I just adore her teacher.

On her actual birthday, we had a little family shendig. She isn't quite partial to cake so we had ice cream sundaes instead! That was fun and luckily I had a few brownies so I had something to stick a candle in. She had a great time and got some truly fun loot. That include the dreaded legos. I always swore I wouldn't have legos in my house and thought it would fly since I have girls but it didn't. She loves it and it's something she can do with Kane. They haven't really been a problem so far except when Reese breaks the vehicle she worked so hard on! I think we have enough now...hopefully there isn't a need for any future restocking in the lego department.

We had planned to have a pool party again since she always wants to include boys...she just loves boys. Sadly, it was cold this year already and it rained so I am glad I changed my mind the week before. We went to the pottery painting place, which she loved...me, not so much. We won't be going there again but it did serve it's purpose for this year.

She painted a cat...a blue cat. :)

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Recent projects...

This was Abby's first day of school dress... that I made the night before! It is "Ellen" a newer pattern by Children's Corner. It is a great dress and the pattern is easy to follow. I made this in a tunic style for Spring with leggings. Abby will wear this with a shirt as a jumper in the winter. Make sure you mark the pieces and don't be overwhelmed by all the cutting. It has a lot of pieces but once they are all cut out, they go together quickly. I like to cut it out in one session and sew it in another. I added an inch in length to the skirt and I think it's perfect.

This is a crayon roll that I whipped up as a birthday present for a sweet little friend. It is an in the hoop embroidery project that is quick and fun. I am thinking of using it in a class if the author will give me the permissions. It is a great little gift. I keep Abby and Reese's in my purse for restaurants.

Just made this little set for a friend for some fun football tailgating in school spirit colors. It is a Children's Corner "Carol" top and a "Katie" skirt. I am actually teaching the skirt in a class next month and I'm very excited about that. The finishing of the hem can be confusing but there is a youtube tutorial if you have a hard time with it.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Projects from Camp

Fall has proved to be very busy, I was fooling myself to think that having both girls in school meant free time! I think that I am busier now somehow than when they were home! Thank goodness there was my smocking guild's annual sewing retreat! Here are a few things that I made.

This is the Sophie Tunic by Sis Boom patterns. It is quick and easy and the directions are fantastic for a beginner. Abby loves it...Reese not so much! Oh well, she will wear it!

This is the Lakelin by Children's Corner. I love this, it also comes as a dress, both of these need a little length added I think. The only mistake I made was making 2 of these at once! It is not a quick project by any means...but a good one.

This is a Bonnie Blue "Bridget" that I actually cut out last year for camp ! It is quick and easy...and reversible! What's not to love. If you try it though, don't try to add any embellishments like ric rac into the ties. You may want to lengthen them anyway to make it easier to tie. I didn't but some of my sewing friends think that it is a good idea.

Football season has proved to be tons of fun this year! The girls love wearing their uniforms to school on Fridays and love going to the games. For this season I was inspired to make my own stadium seat after I saw a similar one on fb. I made it at camp with no pattern at all in less than 30 minutes without the embroidery. I love it!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's Game Time!

The Panthers had their first home game Friday night, which means the Panther Cubs cheerleaders did their cute routine in the pregame show! Decked out in their new uniforms they looked precious! My girls had the best time! They cheered, danced, played and had snow cones...what's not to love!

Reese is 5th from the left and Abby is the 2nd from the left. Sure wish I had a high power camera! Maybe someday soon. :)

Here is one of the outfits I made at sewing camp last week. I actually cut this out for last years cam and never made it! I wasn't inspired but didn't want to waste the fabric. This is such a comfortable style and such a breeze to whip together. This is Bonnie Blues "Bridget."

Hopefully I can get a picture of her wearing it tomorrow and it will look cuter than this pitiful hanger. I was just thinking it fit well with this school spirit post!

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