Monday, September 26, 2011

Can she really be SEVEN?!!!

I mean, seriously? How can she really be SEVEN?! This one hit me. I usually am not too emotional for a mom... but seven seems so much older than six! She had a great birthday this year, even at school her teacher had tons of things planned to make her feel special. I just adore her teacher.

On her actual birthday, we had a little family shendig. She isn't quite partial to cake so we had ice cream sundaes instead! That was fun and luckily I had a few brownies so I had something to stick a candle in. She had a great time and got some truly fun loot. That include the dreaded legos. I always swore I wouldn't have legos in my house and thought it would fly since I have girls but it didn't. She loves it and it's something she can do with Kane. They haven't really been a problem so far except when Reese breaks the vehicle she worked so hard on! I think we have enough now...hopefully there isn't a need for any future restocking in the lego department.

We had planned to have a pool party again since she always wants to include boys...she just loves boys. Sadly, it was cold this year already and it rained so I am glad I changed my mind the week before. We went to the pottery painting place, which she, not so much. We won't be going there again but it did serve it's purpose for this year.

She painted a cat...a blue cat. :)

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Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Abby!