Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Projects from Camp

Fall has proved to be very busy, I was fooling myself to think that having both girls in school meant free time! I think that I am busier now somehow than when they were home! Thank goodness there was my smocking guild's annual sewing retreat! Here are a few things that I made.

This is the Sophie Tunic by Sis Boom patterns. It is quick and easy and the directions are fantastic for a beginner. Abby loves it...Reese not so much! Oh well, she will wear it!

This is the Lakelin by Children's Corner. I love this, it also comes as a dress, both of these need a little length added I think. The only mistake I made was making 2 of these at once! It is not a quick project by any means...but a good one.

This is a Bonnie Blue "Bridget" that I actually cut out last year for camp ! It is quick and easy...and reversible! What's not to love. If you try it though, don't try to add any embellishments like ric rac into the ties. You may want to lengthen them anyway to make it easier to tie. I didn't but some of my sewing friends think that it is a good idea.

Football season has proved to be tons of fun this year! The girls love wearing their uniforms to school on Fridays and love going to the games. For this season I was inspired to make my own stadium seat after I saw a similar one on fb. I made it at camp with no pattern at all in less than 30 minutes without the embroidery. I love it!

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