Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from the Wright Girls!

I know...I have fallen down on the job. I am so sorry and will try to do better. ;) I have to blame it on busyness, some days I don't know whether I am coming or going. Some days I crash into bed thinking of all the things I accomplished that day and think I need a vacation! And a clone. Kane says I try to do too many things but I don't see how I can leave anything out. Except maybe the training for a half marathon ;) I really had no idea it would be so time consuming, I almost there so c'est la vie!

So my blogging schedule, or lack there of, isn't because life is boring here in Wright country. I will try to catch you up soon. For now, a few pictures from this week.

The girl's school had their annual Turkey Trot with races and relay races for each grade. I volunteered in her class last week to make these fun shirts, I love Abby's. I had to tear her away from it, she loves painting and art. She was not as interested in the actual Trot as she was chasing boys around the field when it wasn't race time. She thinks racing is boring. She is my social child. She did want a turkey trophy, but who wouldn't want one! I had to explain that there were only 3 and she didn't care. Kane had to coerce her around the track, it was a half mile. She wanted to walk. Haha

The kindergarten comes out to watch the race so we saw Reeser too. She wasn't very compliant for the picture...or telling her sister "good job." I just can't make her be nice. It's going to bite her in the butt soon and maybe she will change her tune.

We had her Kindergarten Thanksgiving feast at night this year so that all the families could join. Here is her pillowcase Indian costume. It was a rough night, so hard to get a whole family there on a weeknight by 5:20? It lasted until 7pm which is our bedtime here...I am glad I don't have to do it again. I will say it was tasty! Pinewood families can cook! But of course Reese wouldn't eat anything and was terrible. Abby on the other hand ate an enormous amount of food, got seconds and then had a plate piled high with every kind of dessert. I seriously don't know where she puts it all. I see a growth spurt in her future.

How 'bout Reese's dress? It's actually Abby's dress, but they do wear the exact same size. She loves that dress, she is so prissy and particular about fashion and primping. I don't know where she gets that from. LOL, seriously it is my fault. She learned by watching me...but does she have to point out every time that I am not wearing make up? Apparently I don't look pretty without it. It sort of offends her if we are in public and I am not wearing any. She is gonna be something as a teenager.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families...


The Wright Girls
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Mari said...

They are so cute! I love the turkey trot shirt and that dress too.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!