Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Too Much Halloween...

We had way too much fun this year...I couldn't wait for Monday to actually come! Halloween for us started Thursday and it did. not. stop!

We are in pj's here because the pumpkin wasn't officially done until after trick or treating! So busy....

Trunk or Treat at school Thursday, complete with hayrides! They went with Granny and Grandaddy, had too much fun.

Friday Morning parade at school, this is Reese's Super Senior....they are both supposed to be Pocahontas. This picture is awful but with my phone.

Abby was Cleopatra, they both loved this costume. I got it last year half off after Halloween and they got it for Christmas. They took turns wearing it. I didn't have to buy any costumes, we have so much dress up!

On Friday night we went to a "Halloween Spooktacular." It was our first costume party ever and we had such a great time. Kane is supposed to be Justin Beiber, which was so fun and hilarious. I am a flapper, I had feathers in my hair and false eyelashes...also a first. This is my grandmothers costume from a dance competition she was once in. She made it herself, I had to alter it a little bit but it was too much fun!

This was Sunday, we went to a friend's party, Reese is Red riding hood...also from the sale last year. It was a great time! My girls love a party and are always the last to leave!

This was their actual Halloween night costumes. Trick or treating was so much fun this year, they actually got it I think and wanted to go to more houses. Usually they are fine with the hayride around the neighborhood and Granny's house but they wanted to do a few more on the ride home. It was a very fun night. They were disappointed when we got home and didn't have any "customers!" Our street doesn't get any traffic and it was late by then. Maybe next year! :)

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