Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Saga Annual Christmas Fashion Show

It's that time again, and this year I actually made something for the show. Last year I didn't get around to it. Although I must confess, I made these green outfits yesterday...the day of the show! Talk about last minute. I was in charge of organizing the event this year so I had to made something! The girls really wanted another outfit too. They love the red knit outfits but they are so cozy I think they consider them almost pajamas! They wanted something fancy.

This is Katie's Skirt again, I taught a class on this last month. I have made so many of these but yesterday I reminded myself that this is not a pattern to try when you're in a hurry. It doesn't matter how many of them you have made! It looks good but it gave me a time, didn't really line up and I had to shave some hem off to make it match. The shirt applique is a design from planet applique. It's a great quick design because it is supposed to look shabby and has no satin stitch.

This is a Children's Corner Mary De that I turned backwards and used ribbons for the closure instead of buttons. I did shave a little off the original neckline so that it would lay flat against the back of her neck but that's the only change. Very easy.

You have seen these...Reese slept in hers last night. They are just too soft!

So glad to have that behind me! It is already the 13th so the girls will be wearing these every other day!!!! Our Christmas outfits from last year still fit too so the rest of their wardrobe will be on vacation for a few weeks. :)

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Emily Monarch said...

Very cute. I always love what you make for your girls. I am glad I am not the only one who is still working on Christmas sewing. I have Christmas outfits for my girls that still need buttons.