Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Sewing...and good intentions

Beginning my Christmas sewing...always too late. I really wanted to be done by Thanksgiving
...then, I was sure I would do it this weekend. This T-shirt for Reese is all I managed. It looked really cute with her red corduroy pants though. I had to wash it so she could wear it to school today. That's always a good sign for Reese.

Getting Christmas inspiration...trying to plan.

Maybe I will get to it today...

Made this cute Taylor for someone as a special order. It was a fun project. Why can't sewing for my girls be this quick? They require so much fabric these days! Not really a cheap hobby. I guess it could be, but it's really not the way I do things. :)

I made this tissue cover in a club class at Sew n Sew last month. It was a quick fun project. I love to take a club class (for owners of the Viking Machines they sell there) because they are a quick way to carve out sewing time for me. And I come home with a cute, original pattern that I can make easy gift with. Most of the time I keep them for me though!

These were club projects from two different months that coordinate. First the laundry bag and then the matching lingerie bag. It is divided which is such a cute idea.

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