Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Busy Spring!

I know it's not quite Spring yet but if you live in Charleston, it sure does feel like it!
This cute applique is from appliquemarket.com. I used it in a machine embroidery class for t shirts last week. It was great! I had nine students and it was so much fun!

I made these cute hair ornaments using a die cut machine with my scraps at class with Terri Click. I finally attached the elastics to them last week and the girls have been fighting over who gets to wear the one that matches the outfit of the day! Maybe I need to get my own die cutter... ;)

This is a precious top that I had so much fun making one afternoon. I am teaching a class on the constuction of this pattern at Sew n Sew in April and I am super excited. It is chic mademoiselle by Carina Gardner. It is a great fitting little top. I made the size M (6) for Abby and it fit perfectly. I also made the pants to match (not the ones she is wearing) and they are the slimmest pants I have ever made! I would definitely go up a size or use a different style for a full figured child. I took the pants to Sew n Sew for a sample so I can't show you those until after my class. I would recommend serging or zigzagging the seams of the pants. The designer left that completely out. I also think I will make the top using an invisible zipper next time.

This is mod kid's "Julia" pattern. It went together beautifully and it was tons of fun to make. I actually bought this pattern and fabrinc in August! I am glad I got around to it, the girls love it. I was inspired when I saw a similar style in an overpriced children's boutique line to get it done! The pasttern also offers a "less full" cut of the skirt, which I will try next time maybe. It is a lot of fabric, which means A LOT of gathering!

This design on the t shirt is also from applique market.

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Cheri said...

My word the girls are getting so big!

Terri said...

i love those skirts - they are so cute!