Friday, May 25, 2012

Last Day of First Grade

 Abby and her sweet teacher- Abby loved her teacher this year and was very sad to say good bye.  You can't really tell here but she was sobbing moments before and it started during the slide show.  I had to shush her! She is so sensitive.
 We went to Cracker Barrel after the awards ceremony.  This seems to be our go to place for after things like this.
 We posed for pics in their new dresses.  Hoping one will do for a refreshed blog header.
 I am still in love with these large is so handy to pick them out of a crowd.  Even in the slide show at school, it was so convenient to spot her.

Getting her "award"

This was last week at poetry night for the first grade.  I was so impressed that she actually got up there, it helps to have a partner.  It was a cute poem about kids who make lunch while mom is in bed...full of candy. She was so irritated after though because of all the talking people. She couldn't get over how rude they were...funny kid.

My Lunch

A candy bar.
A piece of cake.
A lollipop.
A chocolate shake.

A jelly donut.
Chocolate chips.
Some gummy worms
and licorice whips.

A candy cane.
A lemon drop.
Some bubblegum
and soda pop.

Vanilla wafers.
Cherry punch.
My mom slept in
while I made lunch.
--Kenn Nesbitt

Thursday, May 24, 2012

5K Graduation

 Today my Reese graduated five year old kindergarten. I can't believe she will be in the first grade.  Where does the time go?

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Cucumber Babies

 It is completely amazing what can happen overnight in a garden. I found at least 6 baby cucumbers this morning.  They come out of the flowers, of which I have dozens.  I may have over planted. ;)
I guess I better get ready for canning!
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Newest Obsession

I am always diving in, head first, to new interests and hobbies.  Right now it is gardening.  I had so much fun canning pepper jelly last Summer that I decided to grow my own this year when I learned that my usual supplier (mom in law :) ) would not be growing her own garden this year.  She graciously agreed to help me start my own.  I was a little hesitant at first because I am so busy already...and I tend to commit planticide every time I try to care for any kind of plant.  So far it is going great! I have been watering them everyday and we have also had a ton of rain.  I got kind of a late start so the only usable items so far are the herbs; cilantro, basil and dill.  They have really been in abundance and I have been cooking with them like crazy! Here are a few pictures of my soon to be first fruits, courtesy of the rain every day this week I think!
Cherry Tomato

 Yellow Bell Peppers

 Teeny Tiny Jalapeno
 Yellow Bell Peppers
 Green Bell Pepper

So much fun!!! I have a ton of cucumber plants with flowers everywhere, so maybe I will have one to show next week.
 We have had a very mild Spring this year and have really been enjoying lots of time outside.  We normally don't because, to be honest, I am an indoor girl and when I am outside I just think about all that needs to be done INSIDE!  The exception to that rule, of course, is when I am lying by the pool :)
 Reading time
 This may be the first year that the girls are willingly going to wear a hat outside...
My Reeser and me

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