Friday, May 25, 2012

Last Day of First Grade

 Abby and her sweet teacher- Abby loved her teacher this year and was very sad to say good bye.  You can't really tell here but she was sobbing moments before and it started during the slide show.  I had to shush her! She is so sensitive.
 We went to Cracker Barrel after the awards ceremony.  This seems to be our go to place for after things like this.
 We posed for pics in their new dresses.  Hoping one will do for a refreshed blog header.
 I am still in love with these large is so handy to pick them out of a crowd.  Even in the slide show at school, it was so convenient to spot her.

Getting her "award"

This was last week at poetry night for the first grade.  I was so impressed that she actually got up there, it helps to have a partner.  It was a cute poem about kids who make lunch while mom is in bed...full of candy. She was so irritated after though because of all the talking people. She couldn't get over how rude they were...funny kid.

My Lunch

A candy bar.
A piece of cake.
A lollipop.
A chocolate shake.

A jelly donut.
Chocolate chips.
Some gummy worms
and licorice whips.

A candy cane.
A lemon drop.
Some bubblegum
and soda pop.

Vanilla wafers.
Cherry punch.
My mom slept in
while I made lunch.
--Kenn Nesbitt


Mari said...

Your girls are growing too fast!

Bridget said...

So cute! Did you make their dresses or are they Red Beans. I ordered one last year bc I am not always so good at making my own pattern. I would love to know what you did if you made them.

LeslieW. said...


I actually bought these from Red Beans! They were so cute and I was feeling lazy! I think they would not be hard to make but why mess with a great thing!


Dena said...

LOVE the new blog design! I can't wait to get mine....OMG
2nd grade here they come!!