Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Fruits

I finally picked something! I can't wait to eat all of it. The bell pepper is a yellow one so I picked it for a test to see if it turns yellow. I have tons more that might be ready this week. I better start cooking! I have been printing cucumber recipes all morning.

It's going to be a SPICY Summer!!!

I can't wait for these to turn red!
These are my 5 cucumber plants. I planted my garden on the ugly side of my house. It faces the ugly side of another house so we don't do anything besides have the yard dudes cut the grass. It hasn't seen pine straw since we moved in! It might soon though because now that I look at it every day it is driving me nuts.

The girls loved the curved, wonky cuke. Reese picked it up and said "Hello?" They are funny kids. :)

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