Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Birthday, take 1

 This year we decided to skip the big party and take that trip to Atlanta last month.  Also I will be going on my sewing retreat (YAY!!!) on Reese's actual birthday, which is a school night.  So, we had the family birthday celebration on Sunday.  Her American Girl doll help make cupcakes. :) She still will not name or maybe just tell me the name of this doll.  We call her American Girl doll. :)
 Coloring time with her cousin Ansley, who is almost 2.
 Present time! It was an American Girl birthday for sure! Complete with a new McKenna doll.

I need to get a full view of this crazy birthday outfit that she had to have from a boutique.  I will do that tomorrow...on Birthday take TWO!

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Dena said...

love that crazy birthday outfit! it's so cute! i can't believe reese is 6!! holy smokes!!