Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Study Hall Skirt"

Today I made something for myself.  I bought this fabric and pattern weeks ago which is not unusual for me unfortunately.  This time, however, I had gone shopping with a girlfriend.  When I saw that she had already  made her skirt in a similar fabric over a week ago I admit I was jealous and determined to make mine asap!  I woke up and started sewing immediately.  My whole house was still asleep and I quietly grabbed a coke zero and started sewing before even brushing my teeth!  
When I opened the pattern and started tracing the many pieces, I was a little overwhelmed.  There were a lot of pieces....and so many steps.  I usually sew things I can make in 2 hours or less.  I am a speedy seamstress anyway, so I made myself get to work!  It took a total of 6 hours to make, and I must say my family was less than thrilled that I hid upstairs all day.
The first area that you sew is the back and the invisible zipper, it had great directions I must say.  This is the best invisible zipper that I have ever installed.

  She does say to use an invisible zipper foot, which I did have, but I can't imagine that a lot of people have one of those.  It worked great! If you sew clothing with zippers a lot, you should get one!

When I finally finished the back, I held it up to myself and found that it seemed small! Yikes, then I was worried about it fitting.There isn't much room for altering it with the pleats, only in the side seams.  
I decided to construct the front using smaller seam allowances than the 5/8 it called for.  I made a medium and I wear a size 6 usually, sometimes a 4.  It only goes to an XL, so I am not sure it would fit someone much bigger than a 12.  It ended up fitting just right by adding 1/4" to each pleat seam in the front and I kept the 5/8" in the side seams.  I actually shortened it 3" also because it has a 19.5" finished length which is long for a person of 5'2".  I want to wear it with boots!  I think I will do just that, tomorrow.
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Family Pictures

It has been too long since we have had good pictures taken.  We finally got a session with the photographer I last used, they fill up so fast.  While we waited our turn I got a few of the girls to share.

 I made this dress at Camp last month it is a Children's Corner "Rose."  It is a great pattern, good directions and true to size.  It does run too small in the neck.  Luckily I tried it on before I made the button holes.  I was able to unstitch the yoke lining and use my rotary cutter to trim off 1/2 inch and now I think it fits nicely.  I did fussy cut the entire dress to center the design, so it changed the yoke alignment a little.  Reese hated wearing it so it will be Abby's dress from now on.  My sweet Abby will wear anything and loves a loose girly dress! Reese wants to dress like a teenager. She hates puffy sleeves....and these were not! So she decided she hated the ric rac.  At least they wear the same size.
I picked up my samples from the shop today because October is on MONDAY!!! I had Reese try this on really quick to check the fit before I make the other one.  It was perfect!  I used The Handmade Dress "Madeline" pattern yoke and sleeves.  I added 1" length to the  neckline so that I could ruffle it with a casing.  I also made the sleeves much longer and flared at the bottom.  The second one I will make them even longer I think.  Hopefully I will get it done this weekend so they can wear them next week....and every week for the whole month!  I am considering taking off the ric rac and applique after to add lime green accents but we will see how that goes. ;)  The applique is a Planet applique design.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sewing 101

I taught the girls how to sew last Sunday.  We had a great time learning straight stitches, back stitching and pivoting corners.  They each made a pin cushion.  They stuffed them and hand stitched them closed!  It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be and I actually was very patient with them.    I think that we will make something this weekend too, I don't want them to forget and have to start all over again!

Yes, Reese had her lesson while wearing a bikini!!!  She sure is high maintenance at SIX years old!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

PJ pants class

Next month I am teaching a pajama pant class at Sew n Sew. Here is my sample! It is a pattern called "Sleep Well" by Favorite Things.  The class will be for children's or adult sizes so I hope I have a lot of interest! It is also a great class for children's pants in general because the construction is the same!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Abby!

 My baby turned EIGHT last week, I can hardly believe it.  We had a great birthday week, and by that I mean she started requesting birthday privileges five full days before her birthday! Another sign that she is growing too fast for me!
 She really enjoyed this one and had so much fun with her new presents.

 She and McKenna needed to watch the new Barbie movie immediately. Notice Abby is naked, still waiting for her to out grow that!  She sleeps naked and immediately strips down anytime she wants to be comfy.  I constantly have to make her put a shirt on at the dinner table. ;)
 Big Girls jewelry box. She loved it and can't wait to fill it up!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

 Here is another thing I made at Camp last month, this twirl skirt.  I bought the fabric in early Spring, and like so many other things around here, it never got made!
 I made the shirt last night so she could finally wear it and it was a nice surprise for her to wake up to.  I need to remember that when I need her to hop right up, give her a new outfit! ;)
I made one for Abby too, maybe I will get around to her shirt tonight.  For the skirt I made about 12 rectangles that measured 10x9 and put them together before adding the bottom band.  I used the serger and it took no time at all.  The rain boot applique is from applique cafe.  They usually have good sales around any holiday, otherwise it is 4$! I always try to wait for the sale, I am glad I did here because I ended up not sewing it for more than six months!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sewing Basket

 Love! I have been wanting to make this for quite a while with the scraps from my sewing machine mat. I found a tutorial and had all the supplies...just NO TIME!  I was finally able to make it at camp and I added pockets to the inside and outside.  I am super happy with how it turned out.  I have just a little bit of fabric left and I hope to make a tiny one to nest inside of it with smaller items.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Project from Camp

Now, I know this isn't a great picture but how cute is that pj set?! I have quite a few projects to share with you from sewing retreat this year.  This one in particular is "Nighty Nights" by Olive Ann designs.  It also comes in a long version that I made for Abby.  I will post that another time.  The pattern was great, easy to follow and it comes in sizes 2-10.  They ran very true to size I found.  Any what could be better than matching you doll!  I believe a lot, if not all, of the Olive Ann designs come with a matching doll version.  I will definitely be making more of her things...and more of these precious jammies!
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Birthday take 2

 These are the only pictures I got on Reese's actual birthday! I went out of town that afternoon so I didn't even get to see her after school! I did wake her up early for presents and breakfast in bed.  It was a great morning. :)  She got a breakfast set for her doll too from my mom.
Barbie golf cart! What!?
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Family Wedding

We went to a out of town wedding this weekend and it was such a beautiful setting for pictures! The girls had tons of fun and their dresses just happened to match the color scheme for the wedding, even better.

 Those are rose petals from the flower girls! So pretty!

 In all but 1 of these pictures, Abby is on the left...funny!
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