Saturday, September 29, 2012

Family Pictures

It has been too long since we have had good pictures taken.  We finally got a session with the photographer I last used, they fill up so fast.  While we waited our turn I got a few of the girls to share.

 I made this dress at Camp last month it is a Children's Corner "Rose."  It is a great pattern, good directions and true to size.  It does run too small in the neck.  Luckily I tried it on before I made the button holes.  I was able to unstitch the yoke lining and use my rotary cutter to trim off 1/2 inch and now I think it fits nicely.  I did fussy cut the entire dress to center the design, so it changed the yoke alignment a little.  Reese hated wearing it so it will be Abby's dress from now on.  My sweet Abby will wear anything and loves a loose girly dress! Reese wants to dress like a teenager. She hates puffy sleeves....and these were not! So she decided she hated the ric rac.  At least they wear the same size.
I picked up my samples from the shop today because October is on MONDAY!!! I had Reese try this on really quick to check the fit before I make the other one.  It was perfect!  I used The Handmade Dress "Madeline" pattern yoke and sleeves.  I added 1" length to the  neckline so that I could ruffle it with a casing.  I also made the sleeves much longer and flared at the bottom.  The second one I will make them even longer I think.  Hopefully I will get it done this weekend so they can wear them next week....and every week for the whole month!  I am considering taking off the ric rac and applique after to add lime green accents but we will see how that goes. ;)  The applique is a Planet applique design.

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Dena said...

LOVE these pictures - I have been saying I'm going to schedule a shoot with them for the last 3 months!

we got lime green chevron for a new shirt!