Tuesday, September 18, 2012

 Here is another thing I made at Camp last month, this twirl skirt.  I bought the fabric in early Spring, and like so many other things around here, it never got made!
 I made the shirt last night so she could finally wear it and it was a nice surprise for her to wake up to.  I need to remember that when I need her to hop right up, give her a new outfit! ;)
I made one for Abby too, maybe I will get around to her shirt tonight.  For the skirt I made about 12 rectangles that measured 10x9 and put them together before adding the bottom band.  I used the serger and it took no time at all.  The rain boot applique is from applique cafe.  They usually have good sales around any holiday, otherwise it is 4$! I always try to wait for the sale, I am glad I did here because I ended up not sewing it for more than six months!

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Terri said...

that skirt is just adorable!