Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Study Hall Skirt"

Today I made something for myself.  I bought this fabric and pattern weeks ago which is not unusual for me unfortunately.  This time, however, I had gone shopping with a girlfriend.  When I saw that she had already  made her skirt in a similar fabric over a week ago I admit I was jealous and determined to make mine asap!  I woke up and started sewing immediately.  My whole house was still asleep and I quietly grabbed a coke zero and started sewing before even brushing my teeth!  
When I opened the pattern and started tracing the many pieces, I was a little overwhelmed.  There were a lot of pieces....and so many steps.  I usually sew things I can make in 2 hours or less.  I am a speedy seamstress anyway, so I made myself get to work!  It took a total of 6 hours to make, and I must say my family was less than thrilled that I hid upstairs all day.
The first area that you sew is the back and the invisible zipper, it had great directions I must say.  This is the best invisible zipper that I have ever installed.

  She does say to use an invisible zipper foot, which I did have, but I can't imagine that a lot of people have one of those.  It worked great! If you sew clothing with zippers a lot, you should get one!

When I finally finished the back, I held it up to myself and found that it seemed small! Yikes, then I was worried about it fitting.There isn't much room for altering it with the pleats, only in the side seams.  
I decided to construct the front using smaller seam allowances than the 5/8 it called for.  I made a medium and I wear a size 6 usually, sometimes a 4.  It only goes to an XL, so I am not sure it would fit someone much bigger than a 12.  It ended up fitting just right by adding 1/4" to each pleat seam in the front and I kept the 5/8" in the side seams.  I actually shortened it 3" also because it has a 19.5" finished length which is long for a person of 5'2".  I want to wear it with boots!  I think I will do just that, tomorrow.
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Cheri said...

That is super cute- I love the fabric! Glad you made something for yourself :)

Megan said...

that looks awesome! so adorable!