Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

 We had too much fun tonight!  The girls don't want to go to school tomorrow! HA! When Abby figured out that that wasn't an option she said she wanted to wear her pajamas....and be grumpy. ;)

Had tons of fun decorating the golf cart this year with my banners from the house and extra loot from the party we went to!
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Off to Trunk or Treat!

 Oh my! The girls were so excited about costumes this year.  Normally we just pull something out of the dress up trunk.  This year I gave them a catalog to pick something out, only they took too long and what they wanted was sold out!  I was able to find cat woman for Reese, after looking 7 places!  All I could find was a size small at was seriously surprised that we were able to zip it!  She loves it though and was super sassy in it.
Abby, on the other hand wanted to be movie star in a dress exactly like the I had to make it!  I have never made a costume before, this was a first.  I really like how it turned out although the ties are itchy because they don't have the same silky lining as the rest of the dress.  I used a mermaid pattern because it was the only child size halter ensemble that I could find and just made it long.  I found the accessories at Party City, thank goodness!  I also made a white fur wrap but she didn't have it on yet.  On actual Halloween we will do make up and false eye lashes! She was adamant about that, she sees me wear them all the time. :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Treat Bags!

Last month in a Viking Club sewing class we made the Holiday tote bag out of vinyl pet screen.  It was lots of fun.  I decided to scale down the dimensions and make trick or treat bags for the girls and my niece.  I had a friend come over and we made 2 for her children too!

It was a fun project and I hope the girls will enjoy them for years to come.  They sell the pet screen at Walmart and Home Depot.  You can sew it using a size 90 needle.  Sew up a rectangle on 3 sides and gusset the bottom! Easy as pie.  I added the embellishments before I sewed up the side and I used the top strip of fabric to encase the handles and and finish off the top.  The bag on the left is 13"x15" rectangles.  I can't give you the directions because they came with my class but if you are an intermediate seamstress I am sure you could figure it out!  In person they are kind of see through.  I think they would make a great beach toy bag because the sand could fall through or a good shopping bag because it would be easy to clean and easy to find stuff in the bottom!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More "BOO-scaping!"

 I finally finished my table runner, took long enough! I guess I can enjoy it all of NEXT October! This was a kit from Sew n Sew.  I used my fabric glue stick (which I love) to hold the ribbons where I wanted them and it worked out well.  The only quilting was to stitch in the ditch around the orange rectangle.  That is as much quilting as I want to do!
Here is another banner that I made with the scraps from the other one! TWO for the price of ONE! These were blank triangles and I could not let them go to waste, especially since they were already fused to the fleece.  I cut out the decorative circles with pinking sheers (also from scraps) and sewed them to the banner triangles.  Lots of fun!post signature
This is a black linen guest towel....might be a little fancy for this GLOW IN THE DARK ghost applique, but I love it! I especially love when I can use scraps for little projects like this.  I have an insane amount of scraps;  fabric, ribbon etc.  The fabric here is a glow in the dark fabric by Michael Miller that I had from last years Halloween t shirts.  Apparently they make glow in the dark embroidery thread too! If I had known that earlier, she would have been saying BOO!  I tried to take a picture of it glowing in the dark but it didn't work out.  A fun and quick project!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


 I made this cute banner last week from a kit that I got at Sew n Sew.  I went for a table runner kit (which STILL needs binding) and the girls insisted that we needed this.  I am so glad that I got it! It was tons of fun to put together....although I still have a nice scab on my knuckle where the pinking sheers rubbed the skin off. It was very easy, a Riley Blake design.  Hopefully I will have the runner up this week too! ;)
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