Friday, October 26, 2012

Off to Trunk or Treat!

 Oh my! The girls were so excited about costumes this year.  Normally we just pull something out of the dress up trunk.  This year I gave them a catalog to pick something out, only they took too long and what they wanted was sold out!  I was able to find cat woman for Reese, after looking 7 places!  All I could find was a size small at was seriously surprised that we were able to zip it!  She loves it though and was super sassy in it.
Abby, on the other hand wanted to be movie star in a dress exactly like the I had to make it!  I have never made a costume before, this was a first.  I really like how it turned out although the ties are itchy because they don't have the same silky lining as the rest of the dress.  I used a mermaid pattern because it was the only child size halter ensemble that I could find and just made it long.  I found the accessories at Party City, thank goodness!  I also made a white fur wrap but she didn't have it on yet.  On actual Halloween we will do make up and false eye lashes! She was adamant about that, she sees me wear them all the time. :)

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