Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Treat Bags!

Last month in a Viking Club sewing class we made the Holiday tote bag out of vinyl pet screen.  It was lots of fun.  I decided to scale down the dimensions and make trick or treat bags for the girls and my niece.  I had a friend come over and we made 2 for her children too!

It was a fun project and I hope the girls will enjoy them for years to come.  They sell the pet screen at Walmart and Home Depot.  You can sew it using a size 90 needle.  Sew up a rectangle on 3 sides and gusset the bottom! Easy as pie.  I added the embellishments before I sewed up the side and I used the top strip of fabric to encase the handles and and finish off the top.  The bag on the left is 13"x15" rectangles.  I can't give you the directions because they came with my class but if you are an intermediate seamstress I am sure you could figure it out!  In person they are kind of see through.  I think they would make a great beach toy bag because the sand could fall through or a good shopping bag because it would be easy to clean and easy to find stuff in the bottom!

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Melissa W. said...

You are the most creative person I know! ***jelly***