Thursday, November 15, 2012


 We have so many skirts around here and I am trying to get some shirts to match them made.  I always think I will pay for a fun skirt but not a top to go with it because I can do it so cheaply! But who has the time!

This is from Applique Frenzy, I admit that this was NOT fun to stitch.  It didn't come with directions and the foot kept getting stuck in the ribbon loops and it ruined the alignment   I had to machine satin stitch all around his nose to fill in where it missed.  Thanks God this was for me and not someone else.  I almost threw the whole thing in the trash!  IF (big IF) I ever do this design again I will use masking tape to secure the loops down during stitching....or maybe baste them down with water soluble thread.  I wish I could have made it bigger.  The 6x10 wouldn't fit in my 150x240 hoop so I had to do the 5x7.  I used minky for the white and you need dry cover up or a water soluble cover on top for that.  I also used my Sewline fabric glue stick to position all of the ribbons.  I love that thing!
This is a fun shirt my friend Kelly saw out and she had the turkey she had designed already.  She removed the stitched feathers and Voila! All new.  It needs a bow on the head but I didn't have the right sized ribbon for that.  Hopefully I can add it but with only a week til Thanksgiving you never know if it will get done.  That skirt she has with it is reversible and when I picked her up from school yesterday she had flipped it! To HOT PINK! That girl is something else.  

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Catching up

I haven't sewn much since Halloween, I needed a break I guess.  I have been teaching some fun classes though which I always love.  I think the classes are more fun for me than the students!  Here are a few pictures from my phone that will tide you over until I make something fun!

 It was spirit day a few weeks ago and they dressed up every day to school.  Super Hero Day.
 Wacky Tacky Day
 Super Prep Day
 Here are our pumpkins that Kane carved.  Each girl picked out their pumpkin, as well as the design on it.  Abby's is the vampire and Reese's is the mad one on the right. They had lot of fun.
 My cameras are both horrible but here is the costume parade for Halloween.  The kid's Super Senior buddies dress to match.  They looked great!  I watched the end of the parade too and Reese ended up talking her Senior into carrying her! She is something else.
 At the Halloween party, Abby with her buddy William.  They always have so much fun together!
Kane and I on the golf cart.  I really like this one, I wish the darn banner wasn't in the way! It was a really fun night.
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