Thursday, November 15, 2012


 We have so many skirts around here and I am trying to get some shirts to match them made.  I always think I will pay for a fun skirt but not a top to go with it because I can do it so cheaply! But who has the time!

This is from Applique Frenzy, I admit that this was NOT fun to stitch.  It didn't come with directions and the foot kept getting stuck in the ribbon loops and it ruined the alignment   I had to machine satin stitch all around his nose to fill in where it missed.  Thanks God this was for me and not someone else.  I almost threw the whole thing in the trash!  IF (big IF) I ever do this design again I will use masking tape to secure the loops down during stitching....or maybe baste them down with water soluble thread.  I wish I could have made it bigger.  The 6x10 wouldn't fit in my 150x240 hoop so I had to do the 5x7.  I used minky for the white and you need dry cover up or a water soluble cover on top for that.  I also used my Sewline fabric glue stick to position all of the ribbons.  I love that thing!
This is a fun shirt my friend Kelly saw out and she had the turkey she had designed already.  She removed the stitched feathers and Voila! All new.  It needs a bow on the head but I didn't have the right sized ribbon for that.  Hopefully I can add it but with only a week til Thanksgiving you never know if it will get done.  That skirt she has with it is reversible and when I picked her up from school yesterday she had flipped it! To HOT PINK! That girl is something else.  

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