Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Sewing and Crafting

 McKenna has a cozy new bed with room for a friend!  For Christmas Kane made these beds, two of them! He used a friends tools (and expertise) as well as a free pattern from Anna White.  Originally I was thinking we would save money because they want $150 on etsy for beds like these but after all the work (and complaining) now that seems like a steal!  He probably spent about $100 altogether on wood, supplies and paint but then he spent about 8 hours each making them. And then I had to make all the bedding, I probably spent 4 hours and $55.  So yes, we got 2 for one and they are excellent quality ( I could stand on them) BUT  that is a lot of work.  I would buy them if I had to do it again.  On the other hand, I am really proud of them and my hubby. ;)

Here is the last bishop I may ever smock for my children.  :(  It turned out the front! The smocking totally doesn't line up in the back.  I smocked keeping the spacing between rows equal but didn't follow the pleating threads....not sure what I was thinking.  At least it is pretty in the front!
 While I intended it to be for Christmas, I think she will still wear it.  I think it could go year round.  I wish I had tried smocking on funky fabric is fun I think.  I always used heirloom fabric, which cost more.
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Thursday, January 3, 2013


 After Weeks of wiggling, Reese has finally lost her first tooth today, at the age of 6.  I pulled it out, she was very willing and unafraid.  It snapped right off.
 She was so excited and proud, it was tons of fun!

Tucked in and ready for the Tooth Fairy! Hope she remembers, ;)
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