Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bouncy Birthday Fun!

Here is the birthday girl! With her mama, my friend Dena.  There was a bouncy house and a enough sugar to choke a horse to celebrate this sweet girl turning 9!

This one is loving my new affection for my camera, never failing to strike a pose.
This one is the messiest eater! She can't eat or drink anything without a mustache...or goatee, as the case would have it.

I think the kids enjoyed diving and sliding out the exit almost as much as jumping!

They have too much fun together.  I would say that this is Abby's oldest friend.  They are very sweet together.  He fell asleep on her shoulder on the way home.

There is no telling how many cupcakes Reese ate...I didn't even bother to count.
 Such a great catching up with friends!
 I had to make Abby stop to eat, too much cotton candy and jumping before lunch gave us our first meltdown in a long time!
It didn't slow her down a bit though. ;)
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Cheri said...

Great pictures- love the clarity! Looks like a super fun party!!

Dena said...

what a FUN party!! i wish we had a bouncy castle in the backyard all the time for everyone to jump!! we had so much fun and annie was so happy to celebrate with all her priends!!

Mari said...

Fun times for all! Love the pictures.