Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wacky Tacky!...and Western Day ;)

 Daddy got us new boots for the occasion!

 Does Abby know how to do Wacky Tacky day or what?!  Reese gave her a puzzled look when she saw the whole ensemble, haha! That is a soccer shin guard in the boot on the left...
 Gold glitter goggles! What!? You can see her two braces up top and the expander on the lower in this picture.  She was really excited until the pain came and then a kid told her she talked funny :(  She does though, I find it hard to understand sometimes.
This is a great example of Reese's well-versed scowl.  Here, she didn't want to touch Abby.  She can be a little ridiculous sometimes. 
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Mari said...

They sure are growing up! And they're both beautiful!