Monday, March 25, 2013

Summer Halter

This was my Saturday project this weekend.  I saw this Amy Butler pattern on pinterest and I knew it would make a great class!  Even though it is so cold outside I couldn't wait to get started and when I saw this new fabric at the shop I knew it was perfect!  I will be teaching this in May.  The pattern was great, I did it exactly as the directions call for and I only shortened it 5 inches but it would be great long with leggings ect. too.  I made the extra small even though I measured the small and I am glad I did since it is a generous style anyways. I like my clothes fitted most of the time. When I cut my elastic I added a little because it seemed too small but I won't next time, it is a little loose in the back.   The picture on the pattern shows the bow in the back but I thought this was fun with it pulled to the front.  It also includes girls sizes 7 and up so hopefully I will make one of those this week too!  This is a great pattern!
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

2nd Grade Play

The 2nd grade play was this week and Abby was a Dog.  It was very cute and they had lots of fun.  The first Grade went to see and Reese loved it.  She was very complimentary to Abby after school, which was sweet.

 Here are the other dogs. :)

Each group of animals came to the front for a song and Abby was right in front of us.  Also, this is the first school function where I had the opportunity to use my new camera with the awesome zoom.  It was a nice treat, I am very thankful that I finally bought it!
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kid Sewing

 Abby took her first sewing class this month! She was so excited to go and I was excited for her.  It didn't go quite as planned, though.  They said she would be fine if she could sew a straight line and thread the machine....well,  for Abby that just didn't work.  I think the project was a little too hard for no help, and it was a full class so the teacher's attention was divided.  If I had stayed I think it would have been totally fine but I didn't.  I picked her up in tears. I wasn't the first impression I wanted for her but I learned that it is too early for her to be there by herself.  She had some difficulty threading and was behind everyone else. She doesn't like being the last one finished at anything...not even at school.  I told her we would finish at home, I couldn't help her in the class because I had Reese and a friend with me.
 When we got home, we tried the next day and she lasted about 20 minutes and got frustrated and quit.  About a week later we tried again and finished.  I really just think the project was too hard for her, especially since I wasn't there to help.
 She was so proud of the finished product and took it to school for show and tell the next day!  She is going to keep legos in it, I think.  I might like to make one for myself in cuter fabrics.  It is sort of like a slip cover for a Lowe's 5Q bucket and it has vinyl pockets.
Reese has been insisting on making something since Abby took the class, but always when there is just not enough time to get something together right in that moment.  I need to have several easy projects cut out and ready to go.  I didn't want to put her off anymore so I quickly cut out a tiny pillowcase dress for her doll.  She did great and was supper excited.  It wasn't a perfect shape because I was quickly winging it but she was thrilled and it took all of 30 minutes for her to make.
She wanted to take it to school the next day for Show and Tell and loved it.  Her friends just thought she was bringing a doll and she liked the suspense I think of telling them that she made the dress and THAT was the show and tell.
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spirit Day

It's Team William Spirit Day!  Every year we join our friends in the local JDRF walk.  We can't wait!  It is always such a fun family outing and there are tons of cool things for the kids to do.
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Finally! Some sewing.

I always go through seasons of different things,  after Christmas is usually my lazy worthless season.  When I sat down at my machine last night to make up the sample for my newest class, there were actual dust bunnies to blow away.  I guess before next Winter I need to make a dust cover for Birdie. ;)

I needed to get back in the swing of things and what better start than to plan a class schedule....I can rarely accomplish anything without a deadline.  Here are my next three classes coming up this month and next month.

Last night I made this fabric basket with the pockets.  I made myself a similar one at Camp this past Fall and just love it.  This one will go nicely in my bedroom when it done being a sample.  I think it will be a fun class and it is great for beginners too.  Originally I was going to have everyone pick out their own fabric but I like it so much that I think a kit will be be cutting for them!
This is an apron that I taught in January as a Sewing 101.  I drafted it from my favorite William-Sonoma apron and I can't wait to bring this home either!  I love wearing aprons while I am cooking and cleaning. In January the class was on a Saturday with only three people, I am hopeful that a week night will have a little more participation.  I guess we will see!
 This is the skirt that I made a camp in August, it is such a fun and quick project.  It is great for girls and adults too.  I wear mine with a jean jacket and boots.  This colorful, wide elastic is a fun trend in sewing right now.  This class is next week, can't wait!
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ice Skating

The girls have been begging me to go ice skating lately.  They chose this as a reward for A's on spelling tests so we finally went.  As you can see, at first it was a disaster for Reese... crying and such.  I had gotten her hockey skates because they were wider.  Apparently that was not the way to go.

 As soon as I got her figure skates, she did much better.  I think it was a hit!  Maybe we will be getting more A's in the future.
 My camera didn't do well in the low light.  I have no clue why it was so dark in there.  I guess I should have tried the flash...maybe next time.
 I was surprised at how quickly Abby could lose the walker.  She is very coordinated, like her dad. :)

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