Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Finally! Some sewing.

I always go through seasons of different things,  after Christmas is usually my lazy worthless season.  When I sat down at my machine last night to make up the sample for my newest class, there were actual dust bunnies to blow away.  I guess before next Winter I need to make a dust cover for Birdie. ;)

I needed to get back in the swing of things and what better start than to plan a class schedule....I can rarely accomplish anything without a deadline.  Here are my next three classes coming up this month and next month.

Last night I made this fabric basket with the pockets.  I made myself a similar one at Camp this past Fall and just love it.  This one will go nicely in my bedroom when it done being a sample.  I think it will be a fun class and it is great for beginners too.  Originally I was going to have everyone pick out their own fabric but I like it so much that I think a kit will be be easier...no cutting for them!
This is an apron that I taught in January as a Sewing 101.  I drafted it from my favorite William-Sonoma apron and I can't wait to bring this home either!  I love wearing aprons while I am cooking and cleaning. In January the class was on a Saturday with only three people, I am hopeful that a week night will have a little more participation.  I guess we will see!
 This is the skirt that I made a camp in August, it is such a fun and quick project.  It is great for girls and adults too.  I wear mine with a jean jacket and boots.  This colorful, wide elastic is a fun trend in sewing right now.  This class is next week, can't wait!
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Mari said...

I love that bag! I think you need to teach a class in Michigan. :)