Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beach 2013

What are cousins to do when it rains the first two days of vacation?! FORT TIME!

 We went on our annual vacation with my side of the family over the week of the fourth.  It was an amazing week.  I am not sure anyone had as much fun as me and my girls.  We are beach bums at heart.  If it wasn't raining, we were there!
 Reese spent 75% percent of the week with her hand in a chip bag. Beach time is for snacking!
 Precious niece.  She is such a happy girl...and so pretty.
 This is my partner in crime, we have such a good time soaking up the sun, playing paddle ball and most of all people watching.  He is one funny dude.

 That thumb....reminds me she is still just 6! Going on 16.  I forget so often how little she still is no matter how tall she is!
 The fourth, Abby was so proud that she did her own hair.  Reese was ticked she couldn't wear Abby's outfit until she found out we had one to match Ansley.  Thank God...and again, Kelly's kids ad?!
 My surfer girl, she is a fun kid.  We might get her a board next year.

 Evening cocktails on the porch, self portrait using my timer for the first time.  It took a few tries to get it right.
 Here is our sweet set up.  So when a surprise shower came on we could go to the house for 2 minutes and come right back!  Such a blessing for this rainy Summer.
 Abby discovered peach love with it.  Again, Reese-hand-chips.
Again :)

 Dinner out
 Whole gang
 ....Kelly's kids again!
 After dinner on the beach.  It was kind of dark.  I was surprised these turned out as well as they did.

 This is supposed to be me...gotta love that Reeser. My head and body are all one piece.

 Last day, it was so sad.  I didn't want to leave!
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Dena said...

what a fun beach week!! love all those cutie girls..your family picture is awesome!!!