Monday, July 15, 2013

Blueberry picking

 The girls were going blueberry picking early one morning and I was up anyways so I went to take some pictures.  I have never been and I think this is the third or fourth year they have done this or strawberry picking too.  The weather was wonderful and cool and the blueberries were plentiful.  I have a freezer full for muffin making!  I use Paula Dean's Blackberry muffin recipe and substitute blueberries.  It is amazing.
 The girls got tired about a quarter of the way into their buckets, lucky I was there to help!  I think I let them stay up too late the night before maybe.
 I have been seeing a pattern, that all of our pictures are like an advertisement for Kelly's Kids. ;)
They are best friends...70% of the time. Love these girls, we are having such a fun Summer.
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