Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Day of School!

 The first day of school is finally here!  They say they aren't ready but they were starting to go stir crazy, and so was I.  I am ready for a little freedom to get some stuff done.
 It happened to be raining and 65 degrees, that is unheard of where we live.  I made them go back outside for a picture with sweaters on because it will probably NEVER happen again.  Reese actually stepped in a puddle getting out of the car and started crying.  She refused to go inside!  Leave it to her to make it memorable!
We still have flip flops on though! :)  Happy 2013-14 school year!
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Friday, August 2, 2013

Cheer Camp 2013

 The girls had cheer camp this week and had such a great time.  This is the last year for Abby on the Cubs team, and then she moves to B Team (JV).  They are getting so big.
 Apparently Reese wasn't in the mood for Pom Poms and she was in the back row so it was hard to get a picture.
 All of the Varsity and little cubs cheerleaders
 Reese's Big Buddy, this is honestly the selling point of the camp.  The girls LOVE hanging with the older cheerleaders.
My Panther Cubs
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