Sunday, September 22, 2013

Camp Projects!!!!

I picked up this fabulous mustache fabric on the way to camp, I love when fabric inspires me to make something.  Trying to find fabric for a project in mind is not nearly as fun.

This little in the hoop pocket was so fast and cute.  I will be making more of these.

Bicycle baskets, tutorial on pinterest.  These were fun but the tutorial was a little difficult.  Thinking there has to be a better way...

Precious bib, never made one before but the store sample in this exact fabric was too cute.  I think the pattern is called Diva Bibs.  I added batting in the middle and I really liked it.  It made it a little thicker and will be absorbent.

This was for ME!!! A nook cover, I have had my nook for 2 years and never bought any sort of cover.  I love this one.  It has Peltex inside to make it stiff.  If you are using Peltex, use a 100 needle.  It makes such a big difference.  And those elastic straps are Goody headbands for fun colors.

In the hoop zipper pouch design by Pickle Pie designs.  Was a fun project, I need to make some for the girls or maybe their teachers too.
pocket on back
Looped kitchen towels.  I have been wanting to do this for over a year when my friend Frances made them at camp.  I found a tute on pinterest.  It worked better to make sure the batting was on the front side to cover the bumpiness of the towel.  I also cut off the top of the towel before I inserted it to remove some bulk of the commercially finished towel edge.
Dress for ME!!! Do you love it?! I do, I can't wait to make more.  It is a Simplicity Lissette pattern, called the passport dress.  I made Abby a tunic from the scraps, i will post that soon.
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