Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy 8th to Reese!

 Last week Reese turned 8.  She had a Monster High slumber party, for which I missed all of the great moments.  There was no card in my camera.  That was a serious bummer to discover, I even missed her blowing the candles out and playing pin the bow on the skull.  I know, children's parties keep getting stranger.
Well, I did do lot's of crafty things and home made decorations. (this shirt glows in the dark)I was able to capture a few of those things once I realized the error of my ways.  She had a great time and loved all of the ghoulish fun.

On Sunday we had a family cookout and my sister was nice enough to get Reese a cake, so I did get this picture of her blowing pretend candles out.  :)

Cousin fun ;)

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Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Reese! Glad you got a few pictures. :) Looks like she had fun.